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WeFlex Offering Enables Clients to Make the Most out of their IT Investment

Alpharetta, GA September 1, 2019

Ley-Line Advisory, an IT advisory firm, announces the launch of WeFlex.

WeFlex has been introduced as a client-centric offering to fill a gap between operational support and consultative projects. In addition, it allows clients to fill knowledge gaps in their model that does not warrant a full-time resource.  Clients can engage specialized skills based on their needs.  The service is on-demand.  “Think of it as having a ‘phone a friend’ always around when you need answers to complex questions.” said one of Ley-Line’s WeFlex customer.

“IT organizations have increasing pressure to do more with less.  Rapid changes in existing technology coupled with the new emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, machine learning and IOT are making it difficult and stretching IT organizations too thin.  In an attempt to reduce cost, IT organizations have entered into agreements for operational support with MSP or AMS providers, but many of these agreements do not provide deep knowledge of the solutions or strategic vision, they are focused on ‘keeping the lights-on’, so to speak” said Mark Chester, CEO of ley-Line Advisory. WeFlex is Ley-Line’s solution to these gaps.

In keeping with Ley-Line Advisory’s approach that every client is unique, the engagement begins by understanding the client’s landscape, applications and configurations; the WeFlex offering is then customized for the client.  The WeFlex offering provides an ‘on-demand’ access to highly skilled practitioners that know the answers. “Many clients have asked if our program can be scaled to an on-site model? Yes, if required, but it has been our experience an expert on-demand , in an ad-hoc capacity supporting on-site resources as part of our client’s day to day operations ,is a very productive method of support as well as cost efficient.” said Mark.

Ley-Line Advisory customizes the WeFlex package to provide clients access to remote application support as well as a host of other services on an on-demand basis.  It provides flexibility, the best of AMS and/or MSP agreements and consulting without heavy commitment or investment.

“We” Client and Ley-Line Advisory working together.

“Flex” ensuring flexibility in the service offerings with the ability to expand and contract based on the client’s needs.   

Ley-Line Advisory is your trusted advisor putting client’s interest first! 

For more information on the WeFlex announcement contact

[email protected]

or call 470-485-3951

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